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About My Log

After passing out of the University of Caille, I decided that I would embark on the route of a trader starting with just my initial 5,000isk and my Velator, seeing just where I will end up, and I also decided that I would make my personal log public, accessible throughout all the Capsuleer training establishments in New Eden in the hope that maybe some of the aspiring Capsuleers might find it useful.  After all New Eden is a brutal place to those who don’t know any better.

So I have my 5,000isk, that is my start point, I decided that I will not get involved with the politics of the major empires, or run meaningless tasks for the various agents throughout New Eden.  Nor would I sit in a belt, mining asteroids for riches, these are paths that are off limits to me and have been discussed at great length elsewhere.  I’m going to focus on market trading alone.

In an attempt to really learn my trade, I’ve set myself some rules:

  • 5,000isk will be the starting capital
  • I can only trade with ISK solely made through market trading; ISK from Capsuleer donations, Agent payments, Concord bounties, or from selling anything that hasn’t been brought through the market.
  • If I decide to do any of these other activities during my trading period the ISK made will be removed from my wallet, and any loot drops removed from my hanger to be held by a close friend, who wishes to remain anonymous and so will go by the name of “DrewJerac’s Agent” until I achieve my trading goal.
  • Inter-Solar System and Inter-Region trading are allowed, but I am not a courier for the various corporations; items coming under “Trade Goods” on the market cannot be traded whatsoever.
  • Manufacturing items from minerals brought from the market is allowed, all production will be done by Ayea Poulain, the finished product will be returned to me for placing on the market for sale.  All factory expenses, blueprints and minerals will be brought and covered by myself.

My Trade Goal is to make 1,000,000,000 (1 billion) ISK from market trading, under the rules set above.

Historically over Capsuleers have attempted to do this under what is called “the 5,000isk Challenge” which traditionally involves, starting with 5,000isk and then with single station trading only, usually Jita 4-4 reach a certain ISK goal.  My personal take on this is wildly different due to wanting to try my hand at all parts of market trading, and to hopefully act as more of a well-rounded guide.

A lot of people reading this may wonder why I’ve included that last rule about manufacture.  Well I want this Log to cover all aspects of market trading, while many Capsuleers go into manufacturing, some do not grasp the selling, and many do sell at a loss.  Hopefully by including manufacturing and the sale of the products I can help a Capsuleer make a healthy turnover.

Finally I should also mention that being a new Capsuleer, I will also be buying ships, skill books and improved cybernetics.  This will come out of my own wallet and therefore my trading capital.

As for the long-term after I complete the goal, we will see what happens, New Eden is a brutal place, and I will no doubt end up fighting other Capsuleers, but overall it is my desire to help newer Capsuleers make the most of New Eden, through training and hosting events.

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