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Day 16

May 31, 2010

The move went well but took a bit longer than expected but I still managed to get some trading done.   I was going to work on short term orders and station trading for Oursulaert, but instead decided to be prudent encase the move got held up to try my luck on ships, only focusing on Gallente Frigate and Cruiser class ships for the time being.  Demand tended to be pretty good in Essence but I also wanted to try selling some of the ships in the Heimatar region of Minmatar Republic at a slightly higher margin to gauge demand.

The low-sec buy order performance over both Placid and Molden Heath over the day has been good, and come collection day I’ll have a good stock of modules to sell.  With most of my trading capital tied up in orders, the day hasn’t been overly productive; more of a waiting game but at least some profit was still made, once I have a little more time I’ll really start working on those short term orders.

I’m starting to direct my gaze towards the future, I’ve got plans, big plans.  Maybe it’s time to start working with the Gallente Federation and Intaki Syndicate, while they hate each other I’ll try to act as the middle man for the time being, my agent will of course hold on to the money made until my trading goal is met with no crossover of funds, and trading comes first, when the orders are slow moving, only then will I go and prove myself to the two Factions.

Day 16 Stats

  • ISK in Wallet:  4,550,385
  • ISK in Escrow: 21,257,374
  • ISK in Sell Orders: 3,413,936
  • Total ISK: 29,221,695
  • Profit: 1,243,748
  • Blueprint and Research Costs (to date): 350,000
  • Other Expenses (to date): 656,174

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One Comment
  1. Sunbound permalink

    Not sure what you mean by “proving yourself to the two factions”, but doing missions for one of them will ruin your standings with the other, so you’ll end up being hated by both of them. And Intaki agents are all in 0.0, so you’ll get shot up by the players while at it.

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