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Day 15

May 30, 2010

Even as a Capsuleer you are in a state of flux, one which I find myself in right now.  With a bit more ISK behind me, I’ve decided to upgrade my quarters in Oursulaert due to the amount of time I spend there.  This of course means I’ve been packing and getting ready to move, it’s about 3 hours across the station from my current location, as long as there are no hitches across the route.  I’ve also decided to do some volunteer teaching at the University of Caille, so my log entries may become erratically updated depending on what time I teach, it’ll just be for the summer (going my Jolia IV northern hemisphere) period, but will be updated once a day.

Trading today saw the first phase of my low sec buy order plans, deciding on the small and relatively quite Molden Heath region of Matari space.  Unlike Placid it has a high outlaw Capsuleer population which should prove interesting when it comes to the module collection day.  To reduce risk on that front I’ve decided it would be best to pick a random day each week to collect, so no one can follow my pattern and set an ambush, this leaves me with good coverage of both Placid and Molden Heath for now, but has draining my standard trading capital for a bit, but I saw a huge gain on salvage so all is looking good overall.

It occurred to me another area of market trading that I’ve not discussed, even thought about until today is the secondary market, Loans, Bonds and Shares.  It’ll be a while before I discuss any of these in depth, but I’m working on a possible very small scale loan scheme for the University graduates, but it’s a long way off.

The buy and sell orders are moving well, and I’ve made a slight adjustment to my skill plan to increase ability to process and manage orders, aiming to bring retail up to level 3 before switching back to finish off Hull Upgrades 5.  Tomorrow depending on the move I should see a good day of trading, now I’ve got a long term slow order backbone it’s time to start focusing on the fast turnaround station orders, to provide capital for my next region, though I’m beginning to wonder what to invest in on that front, Salvage is looking rocky right now while and minerals I’d rather wait a while for prices to stabilise after Tyrannis interface upgrades.

Day 15 Stats:

  • ISK in Wallet:  1,371,949
  • ISK in Escrow: 2,785,499
  • ISK in Sell Orders: 23,820,499
  • Total ISK: 27,977,947
  • Profit: 7,347,383
  • Blueprint and Research Costs (to date): 350,000
  • Other Expenses (to date): 656,174

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  1. Thalis Malu permalink

    It occured to me, just now, with all of your low-sec runs and eventual plans you should look into flying the Viator. Otherwise know as the blockade runner.

    Not only is it lighting fast (for an indy) but it can also cloak, not to mention its industry sized cargo hold. A skilled blockade runner is next to impossible to catch in low-sec.

    Might be worth looking into at the least. 🙂

    • Yeah its on the list Thalis, just a fair way down it due to Gallente Industry 5. I’m not even going to attempt to start that without +3 implants, advanced learning skills and using my second remap. It would however make my life a fair bit safe, as I know Molden Heath pretty well, its very very easy to camp.

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