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Day 14

May 29, 2010

Today has been a busy one, which has led to a rather late log entry.  A few days ago I had made some slow burn buy orders as an experiment in Placid, and I decided today being the end of my second week I would collect the modules that had been brought to take them down to Oursulaert for resale.  This meant an extended period of time in low-sec, which was pretty uneventful baring a trio of pirates who decided to chase my Navitas, I decided to run towards the Cloud Ring regional gate if they were prepared to chase me that far, maybe they would chase me right into a hostile camp.  No such luck they broke off the chase a few jumps before.

While in Placid I also received a transmission from Ayea Poulain she was willing to act as my exclusive researcher and manufacturer, being a long time family friend I thanked her, and decided to take her up on the offer, I located a laboratory in a low sec system with a short wait period and brought my first two original blueprints, nothing big nor fancy, just a blueprint for small Antimatter charges and Hobgoblin I drones.  Ayea began working on find a more efficient use of materials for both blueprints.  As far as I’m concerned buying raw materials from the market, making a product and then selling it is just as important as any other market transaction, and will hopefully add a new layer to my log, but I’ve also made the decision that I’ll keep my manufacture profits and costs separate from my trade costs in the stats, just for a comparison.  It’ll be some time before that begins though, at least 6 days before Ayea will be moving from low-sec.

After looking at the results of the Placid buy order experiment I’ve identified this as the area of trading I’m really going to focus on, while ammo moves fast, it is just chump change and to get the amount I want in a agreeable time at a single station is just taking far too long, and has a small profit margin, hence why I’m moving over to production on that front.  Eventually I want to have standing buy orders in 7 low sec regions, collecting the modules purchases once a week on rotation for resale in Oursulaert or Dodixie.  So that’s the direction I’m now heading in, and it is good to have a plan.  I’m also now limiting my salvage orders to stations with a high mission runner presence to save excess running around.

Overall it is good to have a direction to work in, and hopefully a nice profitable one at that even though there is a fair bit of risk involved with heavy low-sec work, the chances of getting killed by a pirate are pretty high, but I’m confident that if I’m careful I’ll be ok.

One final note, Concord have imposed a limit of 1,000 Capsuleers in Jita at any one time, meaning a large build up of Capsuleers on the surrounding gates, which of course has attracted suicide pirates.  My advice to anyone is to not head there unless you absolutely have to.

Day 14 Stats

  • ISK in Wallet:  12,536,346
  • ISK in Escrow: 1,406,055
  • ISK in Sell Orders: 6,688,163
  • Total ISK: 20,630,564
  • Profit: 5,217,502
  • Blueprint and Research Costs (to date): 350,000
  • Other Expenses (to date): 656,174

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