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Day 13

May 28, 2010

Day 13

Due to a lack of trade active due to the Concord interface upgrades (code-named Tyrannis) effectively removing any Capsuleer activity for the day, this is going to be brief, as what happens in a Gallente Pleasure Hub, stays in a Gallente Pleasure Hub.

It’s struck me that there are three resources outside of the usual channels I use daily.  Being outside of the standard interfacing neither is mentioned during basic training but I feel that everyone should have a chance to see them, so I decided to add them as a log entry.

The first is EVEmon, which is basically a personal training monitor, hooked up remotely via our API cybernetic interface, it gives a list of our current skills, but more importantly allows you to make a skill training plan in advance as well as giving you predicted skill download times, with implants or attribute remaps.  It also includes a large ship and module database, which is perfect for finding out what skills you need for a certain fit.  I’d recommend it to any fledgling Capsuleer

Further information and download for EVEmon can be found here:

The second resource is Dotlan Eve maps, occasionally there are times when you are unable to open the standard map interface which is where Dotlan comes in.  It has an easy to use system, showing jump gate links to various regions, information on solar systems such as stations, station facilities, asteroid belts.  Where it really comes into its own is with the live stats, which will show you how many ships and pods have been blown up in any system over a certain period of time.  Perfect for scouting out low-sec for any potential ambushes.

Dotlan can be accessed from this address:

The Final resource is Eve Fitting Tool (or EFT) which can be linked up to your skill information once again though the API cybernetic interface.  EFT is basically a fitting planner, a huge database containing every ship, module, implant and booster.  It allows a Capsuleer to make ship setups before committing any ISK to modules.  It also provides statics on the ships tanking and damage abilities, cap usage speed and signature sizes.

Further information and a download for Eve Fitting Tool can be found here:

Due to today being a completely null day there are no stats to give on yesterday, and with tomorrow dedicated to putting up new buy orders, and collecting modules from low sec, I don’t predict much of a change tomorrow, possibly running at loss due to assets being brought and not relisted until Day 15.


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