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Day 12

May 26, 2010

The University lecturers had told me this would happen, and the first time it happens it’ll be the most horrifying experience you’ll ever endure. I had a gut feeling and I ignored it. I should have warped straight out.

The day started well with the University graduates chatting away excitedly the new interface upgrades, and more importantly Concord lifting its long standing ban on Capsuleers harvesting planets. In preparation I decided it would be wise to not put up anymore sell orders, cancel most of my buy orders except for the slow-burners and just see how much salvage I could pick up from quick buy orders in both Dodixie and Oursulaert for a fast turnaround in Jita before the upgrade and then enjoy the facilities there. These universe wide upgrades interfacing upgrades usually have some kind of error, and I did not want to see my trading capital lost in a database somewhere.

It was only on my way to Jita things went wrong, and I only really have myself to blame.

My first mistake, I was in a conversation with a fellow graduate of the university, having a bit more experience in low-sec travel, I was helping him plan a safe route to his current home system from Jita, due to this I was distracted and decided to use the auto-pilot, while using the map interface.

My second mistake, I ignored the signs, I was out of the map interface my ship had just entered the Sivala solar system and was aligning to the next gate on route, when a Capsuleer in a Claw class Interceptor locked me. Something from my previous life clicked, as some of you know we Intaki have a unique way of transferring a dead person’s spirit and memories into new-born babies, I was one of these Reborn. Something didn’t feel right deep in my subconscious but I ignored it and autopilot already had me in warp to the next gate. Landing on the gate I found myself looking at a nearby planet, my head was screaming to align and warp to it, but I didn’t.

Non-Capsuleers say that your life flashes before your eyes just before you die. For us this is literally true, our memories are reloaded into our new body in an instant like a fast-forwarded holo-reel, mine ending with all my senses screaming as my ship shield, armour and hull were vaporised by several large smartbombs from a Typhoon class Battleship. After a shower and a fresh set of clothes I checked my mail, sure enough I was greeted by two from the insurance company and one from the medical facilities that brought a smile to my face:

Clone activated

From:Drew Jerac

Sent: 2010.05.25 22:05

So you died? Well you have a Clone Grade Alpha at Bourynes VII – Moon 2 – University of Caille School station. Enjoy your afterlife.

Checking with Concord I also pulled up the report on the death of both my Navitas and Pod:

2010.05.25 22:06:00

Victim: Drew Jerac

Corp: University of Caille

Destroyed: Capsule

System: Sivala Security: 0.6

Damage Taken: 430

Involved parties:

Name: p11irate (laid the final blow)

Security: -6.7

Corp: Pator Tech School

Ship: Typhoon

Weapon: Large ‘Vehemence’ I Shockwave Charge Damage

Done: 430

The saying is meant to go, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. This still applies if you die. So what did I learn?

1. Don’t auto-pilot when carrying cargo even in high-sec

2. Follow your gut feelings if something doesn’t seem right get the hell out

One thing to note is I don’t believe I was killed for the cargo I was carrying, the smart-bombs would have wiped out my ships wreckage, and this was just plain old fashioned anarchy becoming immortal has different affects on different people, some just lose their minds. As for the loss itself, it is a minor setback, but it did show me the Navitas was perfect for the job, I could of gone for a more expensive ship such as the Tristan but the result would of been exactly the same, but I would of lost more money, as it stands after the insurance payout (basic) I only lost 3,500isk on my ship, the cargo I estimated to be around 2,500,000isk in salvage off set by profit made on the days sell orders, but would still make today my first loss.

I’m going to stay in the pleasure hub overnight, this is my first clone transfer, and I decided I wanted to test everything worked on this new body and to enjoy a bit of R&R.

Day 12 Stats

  • ISK in Wallet:  14,011,961
  • ISK in Escrow: 1,401,101
  • ISK in Sell Orders: 0
  • Total ISK: 15,413,062
  • Profit: -1,544,307
  • Other Expenses (to date): 656,174

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  1. Thalis Malu permalink

    On the plus side… the Typhoon that did you in is worth at least 52 million, plus whatever he had fit and since you were still in hisec he was Concorded! \o/

    They must’ve over valued your cargo.

  2. Sorry to hear about your loss. When Thalis told me you got podded I thought it was a joke.

    Let me know if you need anything that doesn’t involve testing your new clone.

  3. Yeah could of over valued my cargo Thalis I hadn’t thought of that! since the expansion though insurance has made it pretty unprofitable to sucide gank, I’ve been hearing some fun stories. And thanks for the support Dax! I’m good for the moment though

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