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Day 11

May 25, 2010

I’ve decided to go for a brief change in my current strategy, while I had finally managed to get the standing orders back up, I decided to prune them back heavily, with orders in Dodixie and Oursulaert now only covering small Antimatter Charges, Hammerhead I and Hobgoblin I drones.  These are often picked out of Serpentis ship wrecks, which in this area of space ensures a good supply and demand which in turn leads to a fast turnover.  As for the slower orders, while they were performing well enough, I decided that I wanted to use the order space elsewhere; my cybernetics and market management skills are currently running flat out.

The most radical change is that I have dropped all module buy orders in both Essence and Sinq Laison regions, while the turnover was good the competition was fierce, the profit margins were quite low for the volume I was managing to trade at and the buy orders were taking up a fair chunk of capital.  With this in mind I had decided to explore low-sec space, focusing on the Placid region for the time being, setting a course for Stacmon, a high-sec system on the border.  I was quite impressed with what I found, once again targeting certain modules Serpentis are known to drop and being able to set up buy orders for much lower than Essence and Sinq Laison.

Of course there are downsides.  Firstly the volume traded is very low, even with a regional buy order many are scared of working in low-sec space, and those that do are more worried about killing Capsuleers then the Serpentis.  These orders I’ve decided will be slow burners, just in the background, I’ll check and update them daily but I’ll only collect up the modules brought once a week and relist them in Oursulaert or Dodixie so I will not be seeing any immediate returns on these orders.  This does however give me more time to focus my attention elsewhere.  Secondly there is risk, going to pick up the modules I will be in low-sec for a long period of time, but I will be doing everything possible to minimise my risk of waking up in a Cloning vat and stockless.  I am pretty excited by these orders and I look forward to seeing how they perform, if they do well I’ll be expanding this to other regions of space.

Finally I’ve reinstated my salvage buy orders in Essence only for the time being, the quantities are pretty large and will take a couple of days to completely fill, as it stands I’m collecting the salvage from a range of 2 jumps once a day and then taking them to Jita for sale.  The Jita module runs are still happening whenever orders clear and allow me to do a decent run, usually when I have over 6,000,000 sitting in my wallet.

I’ve become aware that tomorrow will be a short trading day, due to the Concord interface upgrades I will only be able to get in half of the time I usually cover for trading, so I’m expecting once again a small dip in profits for tomorrow.

Day 11 Stats

  • ISK in Wallet:  272,059
  • ISK in Escrow: 7,224,609
  • ISK in Sell Orders: 9,460,701
  • Total ISK: 16,957,369
  • Profit: 3,133,736
  • Other Expenses (to date): 656,174

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