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Day 9

May 23, 2010

I should of known something was about to go horribly wrong when the data pad was working fine in the morning.  The day started off well, and I decided that I would re-evaluate some of my standing orders, a process that was going to take some time to do, so I cancelled the current buy orders to release the money in escrow, then go pick up the salvage I had purchased overnight and then go buy some modules for resale in Jita, should be simple enough.

It turns out it was far from simple, in my haste using the station interface the previous day, I had made a huge error in one of the 3 salvage buy orders I had made.  Somehow instead of making a station wide order I had made a Region wide order.  Opening my hanger assets interface, I was somewhat horrified to see just how much of my trading capital was spread across the entire Sinq Laison region.  I would need to collect 25,000 units of salvage from well over 50 stations.

Deciding that the best course of action would to be to first go to Jita, selling what salvage I had from the Dodixie station, and to pick up some modules to sell while I was collecting.  I became painfully aware the whole time that I had no orders whatsoever running in the background for the first time since leaving the University of Caille.  For a trader this hurts profits a fair bit.

After an uneventful return trip from Jita and the modules now listed on the market I began the task of collecting the salvage.  Not one to look at the negative I noticed that large quantities of salvage had appeared in certain stations, showing a large number of active Capsuleers, taking note of this information for future reference, each had potential for ammunition sales and module buy orders; maybe this mistake wasn’t as bad as I had first thought.

This mistake also meant that I had to venture into low security or ‘low-sec’ space.  During our time at the University we had heard stories of lo-sec, how it was filled with blood-thirsty outlaw Capsuleers, who would destroy your ship and steal whatever was left for kicks.  While many of my fellow students remain fearful of this area and refuse to leave the confines of ‘hi-sec’ empire space, I wasn’t fazed, as by taking sensible precautions you can minimise any potential losses as a trader.

  • Leave whatever cargo you don’t need to take with you in a high-sec station on the border, so if you do get caught you still have your assets in a safe place.  Also make sure your ship is insured.
  • Do not rely on your autopilot, manually flying through all systems is advised, warping to 0km dramatically reduces your chances of being caught on a gate and attacked.
  • Plan your route in advance.  Both Dotlan and your Standard map can be configured to show how many ships/pods have destroyed in certain period of time.  If there have been a lot of kills then chances are the gate or station is camped, avoid it for now.
  • Watch the local communication channel, if you have jumped through a gate,  and you see a sharp increase in numbers, chances are that a scout spotted you and they could well be waiting for you to head to that gate.  In this situation stay docked up and enjoy some of the finer goods the station has to offer until the numbers drop again.
  • If you do end up caught, then don’t rage about it, if your pod got out, focus on getting out of the system and back to hi-sec and a new ship, if you lost your pod, then just carry about your business.  Do not express any anger or emotions towards the individual who attacked you, most of the time they are doing this for kicks and you have just made their day that much better.  Threats of Merc contracts and bounties are completely pointless and will make you look stupid.  These guys are professionals after all.

5 steps to make lo-sec easier as a trader, and could not be simpler to carry out.  I also plan to make a fuller more comprehensive list to low-sec survival elsewhere in my log at a later date which anyone can use.  I was in and out of low-sec in a flash only seeing a single Capsuleer the entire time.

The day was cut short by a complete failure of firstly my data pad and market sync, shortly followed by one of my cybernetics failing due to a corrupt link with the data pad.  I would be unable to continue any activity until it was fixed, as for the data pad it will be a couple of days before it is fixed, I will be relying on the station interface once again for a couple of days.  With no standing orders up, and with the strong possibility of the next day looking the same I was pleasantly surprised to see the daily results show that I have broke the 10,000,000 boundary and made a big profit on a very short day thanks to the module sales and the sheer volume of salvage despite the regional offer that was in Dodixie.  I don’t expect to see similar results tomorrow.

Day 9 Stats

  • ISK in Wallet:  6,874,101
  • ISK in Escrow: 0
  • ISK in Sell Orders: 5,321,450
  • Total ISK: 12,195,551
  • Profit: 4,216,074
  • Other Expenses (to date): 656,174

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