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Day 8

May 23, 2010

We can build some of the most advanced and fearsome machinery to man and yet not a data-pad that can sync up to the market properly without the connection dying, leaving me as a trader with a whole host of problems.  Despite the odds I am still just about trading by going through the station’s public interface only useable for a short period of time and a good hour of travel through the station from my hanger quarters.

That being said, I’m still making trading runs between Jita and Dodixie, still buoyant after my success with salvage I’ve now set three large buy orders for items commonly found in the Serpentis wreckages.  The Serpentis a large pirate faction have been a constant menace to the Gallente Federation which has led to the constant employment of Capsuleers to remove them forcibly, which of course leaves me as the middle man with a very healthy supply to take advantage of.

While I could in theory make more ISK selling the salvage as a buy order in either Dodixie or Jita, I decided that I wanted something light and with instant turn around to take to Jita with me for sale for extra profit.   The idea of making more ISK in the same amount of jumps, making my small capital work harder.  So far it appears to be proving successful.  Though with the market constantly in a state of flux it is always a gamble, so another key lesson to learn is to have an escape plan.  Even if the buy orders suddenly dropped in Jita, I would still be able to sell the salvage at a profit, in either Dodixie or Jita, but it would lead my capital being tied up for longer waiting for it to shift, so overall it is a very safe bet.

The standing orders are still moving swiftly, with set orders for now both Dodixie and Oursulaert for small and medium Antimatter Charges, Multifrequency Crystals, Hammerhead I and Hobgoblin I drones currently providing a steady flow of income though I plan to soon re-evaluate them and the Navitas is still performing well above the level of what I need.

With the data pad and market interface syncing problems while expecting to make a healthy profit, I’m sure it will be a dip compared to yesterday’s figures, but never mind, work with what you can, and be grateful that you could work at all.

Day 8 Stats

  • ISK in Wallet:  76,959
  • ISK in Escrow: 3,971,402
  • ISK in Sell Orders: 3,931,116
  • Total ISK: 7,979,477
  • Profit: 2,036,366
  • Other Expenses (to date): 656,174

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