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Day 16

The move went well but took a bit longer than expected but I still managed to get some trading done.   I was going to work on short term orders and station trading for Oursulaert, but instead decided to be prudent encase the move got held up to try my luck on ships, only focusing on Gallente Frigate and Cruiser class ships for the time being.  Demand tended to be pretty good in Essence but I also wanted to try selling some of the ships in the Heimatar region of Minmatar Republic at a slightly higher margin to gauge demand.

The low-sec buy order performance over both Placid and Molden Heath over the day has been good, and come collection day I’ll have a good stock of modules to sell.  With most of my trading capital tied up in orders, the day hasn’t been overly productive; more of a waiting game but at least some profit was still made, once I have a little more time I’ll really start working on those short term orders.

I’m starting to direct my gaze towards the future, I’ve got plans, big plans.  Maybe it’s time to start working with the Gallente Federation and Intaki Syndicate, while they hate each other I’ll try to act as the middle man for the time being, my agent will of course hold on to the money made until my trading goal is met with no crossover of funds, and trading comes first, when the orders are slow moving, only then will I go and prove myself to the two Factions.

Day 16 Stats

  • ISK in Wallet:  4,550,385
  • ISK in Escrow: 21,257,374
  • ISK in Sell Orders: 3,413,936
  • Total ISK: 29,221,695
  • Profit: 1,243,748
  • Blueprint and Research Costs (to date): 350,000
  • Other Expenses (to date): 656,174

Day 15

Even as a Capsuleer you are in a state of flux, one which I find myself in right now.  With a bit more ISK behind me, I’ve decided to upgrade my quarters in Oursulaert due to the amount of time I spend there.  This of course means I’ve been packing and getting ready to move, it’s about 3 hours across the station from my current location, as long as there are no hitches across the route.  I’ve also decided to do some volunteer teaching at the University of Caille, so my log entries may become erratically updated depending on what time I teach, it’ll just be for the summer (going my Jolia IV northern hemisphere) period, but will be updated once a day.

Trading today saw the first phase of my low sec buy order plans, deciding on the small and relatively quite Molden Heath region of Matari space.  Unlike Placid it has a high outlaw Capsuleer population which should prove interesting when it comes to the module collection day.  To reduce risk on that front I’ve decided it would be best to pick a random day each week to collect, so no one can follow my pattern and set an ambush, this leaves me with good coverage of both Placid and Molden Heath for now, but has draining my standard trading capital for a bit, but I saw a huge gain on salvage so all is looking good overall.

It occurred to me another area of market trading that I’ve not discussed, even thought about until today is the secondary market, Loans, Bonds and Shares.  It’ll be a while before I discuss any of these in depth, but I’m working on a possible very small scale loan scheme for the University graduates, but it’s a long way off.

The buy and sell orders are moving well, and I’ve made a slight adjustment to my skill plan to increase ability to process and manage orders, aiming to bring retail up to level 3 before switching back to finish off Hull Upgrades 5.  Tomorrow depending on the move I should see a good day of trading, now I’ve got a long term slow order backbone it’s time to start focusing on the fast turnaround station orders, to provide capital for my next region, though I’m beginning to wonder what to invest in on that front, Salvage is looking rocky right now while and minerals I’d rather wait a while for prices to stabilise after Tyrannis interface upgrades.

Day 15 Stats:

  • ISK in Wallet:  1,371,949
  • ISK in Escrow: 2,785,499
  • ISK in Sell Orders: 23,820,499
  • Total ISK: 27,977,947
  • Profit: 7,347,383
  • Blueprint and Research Costs (to date): 350,000
  • Other Expenses (to date): 656,174

End of Week 2 Report

Week 2 saw heavy disruption which had a large impact on profit taking.  Day 10 saw a small dip due to equipment replacement, the day was spent setting up buy orders, and getting back on track.  The big dip in Day 12, my first loss in profits was due to a suicide pirate in the Sivala System, resulting in lost stock, Day 13 saw Tyrannis deployment and so no market activity.  The profit spike at Day 14 is a result of the Placid regional buy order modules being resold in Oursulaert.

End of Week Stats:

Start of Week: 5,943,111

End of Week: 20,630,564

% Growth: 347%

Total Week Profit: 14,687,453

Day 14

Today has been a busy one, which has led to a rather late log entry.  A few days ago I had made some slow burn buy orders as an experiment in Placid, and I decided today being the end of my second week I would collect the modules that had been brought to take them down to Oursulaert for resale.  This meant an extended period of time in low-sec, which was pretty uneventful baring a trio of pirates who decided to chase my Navitas, I decided to run towards the Cloud Ring regional gate if they were prepared to chase me that far, maybe they would chase me right into a hostile camp.  No such luck they broke off the chase a few jumps before.

While in Placid I also received a transmission from Ayea Poulain she was willing to act as my exclusive researcher and manufacturer, being a long time family friend I thanked her, and decided to take her up on the offer, I located a laboratory in a low sec system with a short wait period and brought my first two original blueprints, nothing big nor fancy, just a blueprint for small Antimatter charges and Hobgoblin I drones.  Ayea began working on find a more efficient use of materials for both blueprints.  As far as I’m concerned buying raw materials from the market, making a product and then selling it is just as important as any other market transaction, and will hopefully add a new layer to my log, but I’ve also made the decision that I’ll keep my manufacture profits and costs separate from my trade costs in the stats, just for a comparison.  It’ll be some time before that begins though, at least 6 days before Ayea will be moving from low-sec.

After looking at the results of the Placid buy order experiment I’ve identified this as the area of trading I’m really going to focus on, while ammo moves fast, it is just chump change and to get the amount I want in a agreeable time at a single station is just taking far too long, and has a small profit margin, hence why I’m moving over to production on that front.  Eventually I want to have standing buy orders in 7 low sec regions, collecting the modules purchases once a week on rotation for resale in Oursulaert or Dodixie.  So that’s the direction I’m now heading in, and it is good to have a plan.  I’m also now limiting my salvage orders to stations with a high mission runner presence to save excess running around.

Overall it is good to have a direction to work in, and hopefully a nice profitable one at that even though there is a fair bit of risk involved with heavy low-sec work, the chances of getting killed by a pirate are pretty high, but I’m confident that if I’m careful I’ll be ok.

One final note, Concord have imposed a limit of 1,000 Capsuleers in Jita at any one time, meaning a large build up of Capsuleers on the surrounding gates, which of course has attracted suicide pirates.  My advice to anyone is to not head there unless you absolutely have to.

Day 14 Stats

  • ISK in Wallet:  12,536,346
  • ISK in Escrow: 1,406,055
  • ISK in Sell Orders: 6,688,163
  • Total ISK: 20,630,564
  • Profit: 5,217,502
  • Blueprint and Research Costs (to date): 350,000
  • Other Expenses (to date): 656,174

Day 13

Day 13

Due to a lack of trade active due to the Concord interface upgrades (code-named Tyrannis) effectively removing any Capsuleer activity for the day, this is going to be brief, as what happens in a Gallente Pleasure Hub, stays in a Gallente Pleasure Hub.

It’s struck me that there are three resources outside of the usual channels I use daily.  Being outside of the standard interfacing neither is mentioned during basic training but I feel that everyone should have a chance to see them, so I decided to add them as a log entry.

The first is EVEmon, which is basically a personal training monitor, hooked up remotely via our API cybernetic interface, it gives a list of our current skills, but more importantly allows you to make a skill training plan in advance as well as giving you predicted skill download times, with implants or attribute remaps.  It also includes a large ship and module database, which is perfect for finding out what skills you need for a certain fit.  I’d recommend it to any fledgling Capsuleer

Further information and download for EVEmon can be found here:

The second resource is Dotlan Eve maps, occasionally there are times when you are unable to open the standard map interface which is where Dotlan comes in.  It has an easy to use system, showing jump gate links to various regions, information on solar systems such as stations, station facilities, asteroid belts.  Where it really comes into its own is with the live stats, which will show you how many ships and pods have been blown up in any system over a certain period of time.  Perfect for scouting out low-sec for any potential ambushes.

Dotlan can be accessed from this address:

The Final resource is Eve Fitting Tool (or EFT) which can be linked up to your skill information once again though the API cybernetic interface.  EFT is basically a fitting planner, a huge database containing every ship, module, implant and booster.  It allows a Capsuleer to make ship setups before committing any ISK to modules.  It also provides statics on the ships tanking and damage abilities, cap usage speed and signature sizes.

Further information and a download for Eve Fitting Tool can be found here:

Due to today being a completely null day there are no stats to give on yesterday, and with tomorrow dedicated to putting up new buy orders, and collecting modules from low sec, I don’t predict much of a change tomorrow, possibly running at loss due to assets being brought and not relisted until Day 15.

Day 12

The University lecturers had told me this would happen, and the first time it happens it’ll be the most horrifying experience you’ll ever endure. I had a gut feeling and I ignored it. I should have warped straight out.

The day started well with the University graduates chatting away excitedly the new interface upgrades, and more importantly Concord lifting its long standing ban on Capsuleers harvesting planets. In preparation I decided it would be wise to not put up anymore sell orders, cancel most of my buy orders except for the slow-burners and just see how much salvage I could pick up from quick buy orders in both Dodixie and Oursulaert for a fast turnaround in Jita before the upgrade and then enjoy the facilities there. These universe wide upgrades interfacing upgrades usually have some kind of error, and I did not want to see my trading capital lost in a database somewhere.

It was only on my way to Jita things went wrong, and I only really have myself to blame.

My first mistake, I was in a conversation with a fellow graduate of the university, having a bit more experience in low-sec travel, I was helping him plan a safe route to his current home system from Jita, due to this I was distracted and decided to use the auto-pilot, while using the map interface.

My second mistake, I ignored the signs, I was out of the map interface my ship had just entered the Sivala solar system and was aligning to the next gate on route, when a Capsuleer in a Claw class Interceptor locked me. Something from my previous life clicked, as some of you know we Intaki have a unique way of transferring a dead person’s spirit and memories into new-born babies, I was one of these Reborn. Something didn’t feel right deep in my subconscious but I ignored it and autopilot already had me in warp to the next gate. Landing on the gate I found myself looking at a nearby planet, my head was screaming to align and warp to it, but I didn’t.

Non-Capsuleers say that your life flashes before your eyes just before you die. For us this is literally true, our memories are reloaded into our new body in an instant like a fast-forwarded holo-reel, mine ending with all my senses screaming as my ship shield, armour and hull were vaporised by several large smartbombs from a Typhoon class Battleship. After a shower and a fresh set of clothes I checked my mail, sure enough I was greeted by two from the insurance company and one from the medical facilities that brought a smile to my face:

Clone activated

From:Drew Jerac

Sent: 2010.05.25 22:05

So you died? Well you have a Clone Grade Alpha at Bourynes VII – Moon 2 – University of Caille School station. Enjoy your afterlife.

Checking with Concord I also pulled up the report on the death of both my Navitas and Pod:

2010.05.25 22:06:00

Victim: Drew Jerac

Corp: University of Caille

Destroyed: Capsule

System: Sivala Security: 0.6

Damage Taken: 430

Involved parties:

Name: p11irate (laid the final blow)

Security: -6.7

Corp: Pator Tech School

Ship: Typhoon

Weapon: Large ‘Vehemence’ I Shockwave Charge Damage

Done: 430

The saying is meant to go, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. This still applies if you die. So what did I learn?

1. Don’t auto-pilot when carrying cargo even in high-sec

2. Follow your gut feelings if something doesn’t seem right get the hell out

One thing to note is I don’t believe I was killed for the cargo I was carrying, the smart-bombs would have wiped out my ships wreckage, and this was just plain old fashioned anarchy becoming immortal has different affects on different people, some just lose their minds. As for the loss itself, it is a minor setback, but it did show me the Navitas was perfect for the job, I could of gone for a more expensive ship such as the Tristan but the result would of been exactly the same, but I would of lost more money, as it stands after the insurance payout (basic) I only lost 3,500isk on my ship, the cargo I estimated to be around 2,500,000isk in salvage off set by profit made on the days sell orders, but would still make today my first loss.

I’m going to stay in the pleasure hub overnight, this is my first clone transfer, and I decided I wanted to test everything worked on this new body and to enjoy a bit of R&R.

Day 12 Stats

  • ISK in Wallet:  14,011,961
  • ISK in Escrow: 1,401,101
  • ISK in Sell Orders: 0
  • Total ISK: 15,413,062
  • Profit: -1,544,307
  • Other Expenses (to date): 656,174

Day 11

I’ve decided to go for a brief change in my current strategy, while I had finally managed to get the standing orders back up, I decided to prune them back heavily, with orders in Dodixie and Oursulaert now only covering small Antimatter Charges, Hammerhead I and Hobgoblin I drones.  These are often picked out of Serpentis ship wrecks, which in this area of space ensures a good supply and demand which in turn leads to a fast turnover.  As for the slower orders, while they were performing well enough, I decided that I wanted to use the order space elsewhere; my cybernetics and market management skills are currently running flat out.

The most radical change is that I have dropped all module buy orders in both Essence and Sinq Laison regions, while the turnover was good the competition was fierce, the profit margins were quite low for the volume I was managing to trade at and the buy orders were taking up a fair chunk of capital.  With this in mind I had decided to explore low-sec space, focusing on the Placid region for the time being, setting a course for Stacmon, a high-sec system on the border.  I was quite impressed with what I found, once again targeting certain modules Serpentis are known to drop and being able to set up buy orders for much lower than Essence and Sinq Laison.

Of course there are downsides.  Firstly the volume traded is very low, even with a regional buy order many are scared of working in low-sec space, and those that do are more worried about killing Capsuleers then the Serpentis.  These orders I’ve decided will be slow burners, just in the background, I’ll check and update them daily but I’ll only collect up the modules brought once a week and relist them in Oursulaert or Dodixie so I will not be seeing any immediate returns on these orders.  This does however give me more time to focus my attention elsewhere.  Secondly there is risk, going to pick up the modules I will be in low-sec for a long period of time, but I will be doing everything possible to minimise my risk of waking up in a Cloning vat and stockless.  I am pretty excited by these orders and I look forward to seeing how they perform, if they do well I’ll be expanding this to other regions of space.

Finally I’ve reinstated my salvage buy orders in Essence only for the time being, the quantities are pretty large and will take a couple of days to completely fill, as it stands I’m collecting the salvage from a range of 2 jumps once a day and then taking them to Jita for sale.  The Jita module runs are still happening whenever orders clear and allow me to do a decent run, usually when I have over 6,000,000 sitting in my wallet.

I’ve become aware that tomorrow will be a short trading day, due to the Concord interface upgrades I will only be able to get in half of the time I usually cover for trading, so I’m expecting once again a small dip in profits for tomorrow.

Day 11 Stats

  • ISK in Wallet:  272,059
  • ISK in Escrow: 7,224,609
  • ISK in Sell Orders: 9,460,701
  • Total ISK: 16,957,369
  • Profit: 3,133,736
  • Other Expenses (to date): 656,174